I'm thrilled that you've come to find out more information about becoming sponsored by Mayco Real Estate Services.  I think you'll find that the more you learn about us the more you'll like what you hear.  Our goal is to see our agents prosper so that we can succeed as a company and help our community thrive.  Here are a few things that set us apart:

  • KEEP MORE OF YOUR COMMISSION - Our broker split is the lowest in town that we're aware of at 85/15, and we even cap it at $12,000 annually.  If you know of a better deal we want to hear about it!
  • 25% of our net income is donated to local charities chosen by YOUR clients!  We also sponsor organizations that are important to our agents, like little league sports teams and community organizations.
  • We don't have any extraneous expenses like franchise fees, technology fees, or drains on your already limited time like mandatory meetings or desk duty.
  • We provide high quality aluminum reflective for sale signs, supra boxes, company branded apparel, all for free!

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