These are some questions we get asked a lot:

What is your Broker Split

  • For agents the broker split is 85/15
  • For team leaders and associate brokers the split is 95/5 plus 1/3 of your teams broker split.

What other fees do you charge your agents

None!  At this point we don't foresee ever charging our agents anything other than the broker split unless they'd like us to provide dedicated office space for them.

What other income can I receive as a Mayco agent?

One thing that we offer that is unique in our area is referral fees for property management clients.  At the time this was written we're offering up to $250 per UNIT in referral fees to all agents, Mayco agents also are eligible to receive 10% of the monthly net management fees!  If you don't want the commission for any reason, we will donate $350 to your favorite local charity!

Additionally, you can also earn referral fees for referring other agents to us!  You'll receive the first $500 of broker split from every agent you refer as a thank you bonus!

As a broker, how available are you when I need you?

Generally speaking, if it can be asked and answered by text message you'll get a response within just a few minutes.  I am very busy, but my agent's priorities are also my priorities, so my goal is always to get your question answered in an hour or less, which is very achievable especially during working hours.

How often are your required meetings?

At this time we do not have any required meetings and we do not expect to have any in the future.

What will it cost me to transfer my license to your company?

Effectively nothing!  The only cost you should have will be the $35.00 transfer fee, which we will even credit back to you on your first transaction with Mayco.  We will provide signs, lockboxes, company branded apparel, business cards, and more to make your transition as smooth and low cost as possible!

What do you provide for your agents?

At this time we provide your first box of business cards, reflective aluminum signs available in standard size and larger tall signs, supra lockboxes, company branded apparel, name tags, client gifts, and much more!

How does the charitable contributions work?

We donate 25% of our net profit each quarter to charities that have been chosen by YOUR clients.  When you close a deal your clients can go onto our website to fill out our form to recommend a charity that we donate to.  Depending on total funds available we may donate to every charity on the list, or just a select few.  We contribute to them through grants, sponsorships, restricted contributions and unrestricted general funds contributions.

Who would make a good Mayco Real Estate Agent?

Generally speaking, anyone who is ethical in their operations, self reliant, and a self starter would make a good Mayco agent.