YOU earned it, keep more of it!

There are a multitude of advantages that you'll gain by switching to Mayco, but the most obvious is probably that you will be keeping SO MUCH MORE of the commission  you've EARNED!

  • Agents: 85/15 split, $12,000 cap
  • Associate Broker Team Leaders: 95/5 split, $5,000 cap
  • In-company transactions: Buyer's agents 95/5 split (listing agent and buyer's agent are both Mayco agents)
  • No Franchise Fees, Broker Fees, Technology Fees, or any other fees

Free Stuff!

•For Sale Signs
•Supra Lockboxes
•FREE Client Gifts
•Company Branded Apparel
•Customized vinyl graphic for your vehicle
•First box of business cards

100% Local!

Everything about Mayco is totally local.  Every cent of the commission you earn stays in town, none of it goes to a national franchise to enrich their corporate structure.

Advertising Commitment

We also are committed to spending a minimum of 20% of our broker split revenue on various forms of advertising.  This includes things like sponsorships for little league teams and other things that are important to you and your family!

Company Generated Leads

Our broker, Kevin May, doesn't take clients, so you won't be competing with him for business, and he distributes the leads he receives on a "round robin" basis to the Realtors who would like to receive them.

Other Reasons

  • We are focused on providing excellent support and visibility to our agents.
  • We provide extremely reasonable commission splits, and split caps.
  • We give you flexibility in how you structure your commissions, making you more competitive in the marketplace.
  • We don’t have franchise fees, broker fees, or any other hidden fees for you OR YOUR CLIENTS!
  • We donate 25% of our profits to local charities CHOSEN BY OUR CLIENTS!
  • We are 100% open minded about incorporating the things that you like about your current broker!
  • We are technology focused and want to remain on the cutting edge.
  • We have negotiated a 50% discount for our agents on professional photography, matterport, and drone services from SB Photography.
  • and much more!!